Everything You Wanted To Know About Go

Sensei’s Library is the definitive online Go resource. This wiki-based site contains thousands of articles, lessons, problems, discussions, and a whole lot more. Be careful, many have reported signs of SL Addiction.

Life in 19x19 is the largest English Go forum, with ongoing discussions of every Go-related topic imaginable.

Online Tutorials for Beginners

Other Regional Clubs

Play Go Online

While the three listed above are the most popular, there are countless other servers available. Please refer to the Sensei’s Library page for a more comprehensive listing.

Books and Equipment

Our club has an extensive library of hundreds of books and magazines, both old and new. We have books for beginners, life & death compilations, and a whole lot more. Books are free to read in the club and many can be borrowed with a deposit. A few books can be purchased.

You can purchase equipment from any of the following retailers:

The American Go Association

Most tournaments require a membership from the American Go Association (AGA). Once registered, you’ll be able to track your progress and have an official rating. With your membership, you will receive regular newsletters with news, announcements, and commented games in SGF format. Membership will also show your support for Go in the US.